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What better way to learn about life than to feel it? To embody it. To be passionate about it. Through my extensive career as an actor, model, and TV presenter, I have been able to live out my dreams and to embrace my true calling as a creative artist. 

I have extensive experience in stage and theatre, TV, voice acting, and modelling. 

My work has taken me from independent films to the TV screen. From modelling and acting in cafes and parks, to studios and sets. I have had the pleasure of working with talented and inspiring artists in the U.K. and during my travels in Vietnam; Where I lived and worked for the past three years.

Now, I have returned home to the U.K., and I'm eager to continue on my journey to grow as an actor and model. I am based near London, and available for any work in the acting and modelling field; in and around the capital. Get in contact and let’s create some spectacular content together! 

- James McFadyen

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